Gutter Cleaning

Clogged guttering can cause your home or business all kinds of problems, from flooding and roof leakage to ground eroding and subsidence.

You could clean gutters with a bucket and a ladder. This can be dangerous and very messy! Not with Wrekin Drains High Vac you don’t.

See inside your gutters, from the safety of the ground with High Vac

WDS’s High Vac allows you the peace of mind of being able to see inside your gutters from the safety of the ground and then clean them out.

Cleaning awkward to reach gutters like over conservatories or extensions.

For domestic customers we can show you the cleaned gutter from our CCTV camera built onto the boom, giving you peace of mind. Why not book a call to check your gutters.

In commercial situations it can be that there are internal high ledges or beams that can collect large amounts of dust & debris, this can be a hazard to staff and machinery. Gyms & sporting facility’s where a member of the public can slip on some fallen dust or debris. We would be happy to set up planned preventative maintenance visits.

Just call and consider your gutters and hard to reach areas cleaned.

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