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 If you are in the Telford area and need help with drainage or sewage repairs, look no further.  At Wrekin Drains, we have the expertise you can rely, as well as all the equipment to do a high quality job with no hassle or delays.  We have a reputation for reliability, as well as a high quality of customer service.  For more information about the range of services which we can provide to customers in the Telford area, contact our team.  They are waiting to hear from you.

We provide drainage and sewer services for customers in residential properties.  If you own a property, the drains and sewers are one of the features that you rely on but rarely think about.  After all, almost the entire system is hidden from view.  Parts of your drainage system run behind walls, under floors or under the foundations of the building.  The old saying is ‘out of sight, our of mind’, and this is true for the drains in most houses.  However, once something goes wrong, it is urgent that you get it sorted quickly.  Perhaps you can see backed up water in your drains, flooded areas on your property, or perhaps your home has developed an unpleasant, recurring smell.  We provide the drain and sewer repair Telford homeowners need. 

If you have a drainage problem, we use our CCTV inspection systems to quickly identify the problem.  If it is a blockage, we can clean it out quickly and efficiently.  If the problem is caused by a damaged pipe, we may be able to repair it without doing any excavation.  Even if it is necessary to do excavation work, we work quickly and without mess so that you can get on with your life without any hassle.

As well as maintenance and repair work on drains, we also provide expert surveys.  For customers planning to buy a new property, we offer the best, professional home buyer survey Telford has to offer.  By carefully investigating the drains at the property, we can let you know if there are any unexpected problems on the horizon so that you have the information to make an informed choice.  We also provide the build over survey Telford customers need if they are planning any sort of home extension or renovation.

As well as residential drainage work, we provide services for commercial locations.  For example, we specialise in the sewage treatment plants maintenance Telford site managers need to keep their work sites functioning effectively.  If a problem has arisen, we also provide sewage treatment plants repair.

Do you manage a pumping station? Telford site managers can book our cleaning and maintenance services, the ideal choice for making sure that everything is running well.  Regular maintenance and cleaning can keep your expensive equipment operating at optimum levels and avoid unexpected breakdowns or blockages.

For all our drainage maintenance and repair services, including sewage treatment plants and sewage pumping stations, Telford customers should contact us.  Our team of specialists are ready to help you. 



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