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When you are in need of any kind of drain services, including repairs, installation, emergency unblocking or maintenance services, we are the drain company Wolverhampton locals and business owners can trust to get the job done.

When your drains are blocked or not flowing properly, causing a water back-up in your sinks and toilets, or bad smells coming from your drains, it could be evidence of a more serious problem.  Rather than using guess work, we use CCTV cameras to find out what the cause of the problem actually is, whether it be a broken drainage pipe, or a build-up of fats, oils, grease, hair, or anything else.  If your drains have any breaks or cracks in them then tree roots, hardcore and earth may have gotten into your drains causing an obstruction.  As professional and fully qualified drainages specialists, we can offer you trenchless drain sewer repair, Wolverhampton customers can benefit from as they limit disruption to your routine and premises.  Drain lining and patch repair can be inserted into the drains using the latest techniques and innovative methods.  Once the lining is fixed to the inner walling of your drains, they will be fully functional quickly and efficiently.

Our CCTV equipment can do more than just inspect your drains when you have a problem.  Thanks to CCTV Surveying, we can provide you with a home buyer survey that allows you to know the precise condition of a properties waste water system before purchase.  This could potentially save you thousands, especially if you are purchasing an older property.

For construction projects, that need to consider the lay out of the areas established drainage works, we provide a build over survey Wolverhampton project managers and architects need to map out the exact locations of the existing pipes.  

Whenever you own a property that cannot rely on gravity to carry away your waste water to the main sewers and treatment facilities, or you live in an area where flooding is a serious concern, then you should seriously consider pump station installation.  Wolverhampton domestic and commercial properties can rely on Wrekin Drains to not only provide them with everything needed for a fully equipped and ready to go drainage pumping system for a brand-new build of even an older property, but to also offer repair and maintenance to keep it in good working order.  If you need a pumping station installed along with all the underground works to carry away your pumping station waste, Wolverhampton customers can book with us today.  To avoid pooling waste water caused either by an overflow of rainwater, or the malfunction of any sewage pumping stations, Wolverhampton company managers and residents are advised to have their drainage facilities checked periodically to avoid more serious repairs later on, that may mean you lack suitable waste management for your home or customers.

For septic tank, cesspit or other drainage care, we are here for you.  If you are required by law to have more substantial sewage management, then we can provide, install and maintain any sewage treatment plants Wolverhampton based customers need.

For more information on any of our services, including pump station installation, Wolverhampton can contact us today.


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